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How to buy managed portfolio?
Get Started
How to buy managed portfolio?

Your Intelligent
Investment Advisor

With 20 years+ of investment experience, Zinvest Investment team will fully support and help you achieve your financial prosperity.

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Enjoy 4 types of investment services

Hedge Fund

Hedging Mechanism

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Risk Management

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Mutual Fund

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Zinvest Dynamic
Mix Strategy Portfolio

Why Zinvest Dynamic Mix Strategy Portfolio?

Zinvest Dynamic Mix Strategy Portfolio Other Robo Advisory Products
Active Management
Hedging Mechanism
Risk Management
In-house developed Model
Quantitative Investment
Tax Loss Harvesting

Comparison of Our Two Types of Accounts

Advisor Managed Portfolio Self Managed Portfolio
Investment Options Stocks, ETFs, and Bond Stocks and ETFs
Trading Fees $0 $0
Management Fees 1.5% Annual Rate $0
Trading Experience Custom Quantitative Model Manual Trading
Minimum Deposit $3,000 $0
Personalized Account Management Our experienced investment team manage it for you- we do the work, you don’t have to! Self-directed investments, total control, and total freedom!

* Please refer to our fee schedule for detailed fee arrangement